My Story

Mama PictureHey y’all! I’m a follower of Jesus, a wife, mama of 2, and a lover of all things natural.

The fastest way I make friends? Talking about real, good FOOD!

Way back when…I grew up on a Wisconsin dairy farm. Shortly after moving away from the farm, my gut started hurting. I ate a lot of bad “food.” Looking back, raw milk from the farm gave me the probiotics I needed to keep my gut health okay, even while eating subpar. Before long, everything and anything I ate gave me a belly ache. Thankfully, the many health food bloggers (Mark’s Daily Apple, Mama Natural, Healthy Home Economist) and other resources on the web gave me the power to heal myself. I started researching, and have never looked back.

Now it’s my mission to:
1. Always PROGRESS my health
2. Give my kiddos the BEST start to their healthy lives
3. SHARE this awesome stuff with you!

NOW I know. God has given me the resources. So I have to pay it forward! Join me on this healthy, natural living journey!

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