Homemade Kefir: Better Than Yogurt?

Recipe, WAPF

Back when I was pregnant with the little guy, I was (seriously) blessed with a set of milk kefir grains from a lovely co-worker. Almost every morning I made a raw milk smoothie with the kefir, and felt vibrant and ready to take on the world!

After baby boy arrived I got a little too busy and the kefir making went out the window. I eventually started making homemade yogurt, which takes up WAY too much time for this mama, so this past week, I made it an effort to go find new kefir grains.

“What the heck is KEFIR?” –you ask me? It’s like a drinkable yogurt. Easy peasy.

Kefir vs. Yogurt.

So, why not just buy yogurt? Both kefir & yogurt taste delic, and both have awesome enzymes and probiotics. BUT, kefir is said to have up to 30 times MORE probiotic strains than yogurt. Next time you have a yogurt container handy, look at the label and see what “Active Live Cultures” are in there.

How to make the MAGICAL KEFIR:


  • Quart Mason Jar(s)
  • Wooden or Plastic Spoon (to handle the kefir grains. Don’t use metal!)
  • Plastic Strainer


  • 1 Quart Raw Whole Milk (If you can’t get raw milk, get low-temp pasteurized without the use of the rBGH hormone.)
  • 1 Tablespoon Kefir Grains


  • Put your Kefir Grains in the Mason Jar
  • Fill with Milk
  • Cover
  • Let sit on counter at room temp for 24-48 hours

Too easy, and way simpler than the yogurt. I’ll have to post my recipe for my yogurt for y’all as well. Enjoy!!



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